back from .jp

Still waiting to hear from JAL left luggage to find out about delivering my soul. It will probably be a day or two (if ever) before I'm useful.


one piece in Osaka. Great noodle soba dinner. Going to Tokyo via Shinkansen this morning. Staying at the Tokyo Shinjuku Hilton today in case anyone wants to drop by. I have my sim on a graciously borrowed 3G handset here if you need to call.

[linkpush] Ted Talks

For the last several weeks I've been watching the TED conference talks on the net during my morning routine. I'm amazed at the intelligence and scope of the presentations.

I won't beg that you watch, but I will probably still be yammering about them next time I speak to you in person.

Ted Talks at

[photo] process, daily and Diane


Looking at old photos is difficult for me. I show fewer than 1 percent of the frames I shoot for the following reasons in perceived descending rank of frequency:

  • composition: It's a picture, but it's not a photograph
  • laws of physics violated: light, time, gain, attenuation or depth of field
  • duplication: subject, pose or theme
  • uneasy emotional attachment: ...
  • inappropriate/offensive: ...
  • grain: digital photos have different 'tooth', than film
  • selfishness: saving this one for that special show I'll never do

I'm showing some more pictures.
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